Emerging from Pentagon Metro Stop,
Scarved by Mother,
Booted by the Cat’s Meow
Thrift-store back in Corvallis,
I realize and remember that
The last time boots felt this way
I was six, hiking with Grandpa
At McDonald Forest.

“Don’t scuff; pick up your feet.”
“OK, Grandpa.”
Now, to avoid scuffing,
I walk with a clip-clop,
Redolent of the rancher he was,
That I won’t be.




  1. I like this.

    Hope things are well with you. I heard about McCavity's adventures over break. Hope that is well, too.

  2. Thanks, Sarah.

    Things are pretty well over here. Yes, Macavity did indeed have some adventures over the break! Good times.

    Hope to head your way soon to rep Immanuel at the Classical School Job Fair in March. Hope you and your husband are well, too!

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