for Tran, who really didn’t mean to.

not for hipsters.

Perhaps it was her mirth over
The revolutionary war which my
Beard wages against my hair
Which impelled her to their
Separation, dear Tran, beloved
Vietnamese barber-lady.

Now that all political connection
Between my scalp and chin is
Totally dissolved, the
Damn disconnect in my
Left sideburn would make
Burnside wince, then snicker.

Still, it does this confederate good to
Be nicked in his barbarosey
Pride, and reminded by
A Southeast-Asian stylist
That the real revolution’s not
In wars, nor even in beards.



  1. This is amazing Trent! It made my day…or at least my morning. It almost sounds like Billy Collins to me (and in case you don't like Collins, please know that that is a compliment when I say it).

  2. I actually love Collins, so thanks! Horoscopes for the Dead is fantastic. Have you read it?

  3. Good! And you're welcome. And no. But I will. 🙂

  4. Bravo. A great job converting a bad haircut into an enjoyable poem.

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