I, Muse-unstruck and
Poetically dejected, reflect:
Bode time feels
Raw in retrospect.
Idle hours bear witness
To verbiage unspent
Propelling angst with
No real referent.

Witness born, then,
I’ll affirm once more that
It’s good to have been
Silent, spurned by
Athena and Co.,
Curb-kicked to a
More ingenuous
Less prepossessing
Countenance. Yes?

The dead-space of a
Non-rhyming middle-line
Just might justify
Were it not for the
Bode time, slant rhyme
Would be a weasel-esque
Evasion, unearned vacation
From furrowed brows and

But I’ve been poem-parched,
Partner, so pardon my
Heretofore unstated
Hiatus, for herein lies
The rub: though poetry’s
Unbidden it’s not
Automatic, at
Least as far as
I’ve been concerned.

Or is it?




  1. Nice work. This would make a very good rap, and I’m not mocking it when I say that. I actually really think it would.
    I sympathize with your problem here.

    • Uh…thanks, I think? But I don’t think I agree. I mean, I certainly recognize that some rap is good poetry, but I don’t know about things going the other way. When something is written as poetry I don’t know how or why one would seek to deliver it as rap.

  2. Heh, I didn’t notice you had answered.
    I have trouble not reading rhyme as rap. That probably is the piece you are missing from my comment. I don’t think YOU would want to deliver it as rap. It could just possibly sound good as rap. Yes, it was a compliment.

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