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for C.M.

Last Wednesday I learned
That I will weep if you depart
And I stand witness to your passing.

I knew well the tears,
Recognized them as they
Might well, and I
Imagined the view,
Refracted and occluded
By their prisms, ruing that
Which I there beheld.

My Rubicon to cross
This will indeed be:
Baleful and small,
Eddying and estuarial,
Mingled brine and
Glacier-melt bearing forth
My inner minerality,

The unsworn deposition of a
Ruptured stone, overflowing
Subterranean banks —
Liquidated, bankrupt, but blessed
Beyond all measure or desert.
Not mere water, but water
From a struck rock.
A rich and full washing;
A saving flood.

Thus it will be meet,
Right, and salutary.
I will weep not as I ought,
But as I am able.




  1. Trent,

    Don’t approve this comment. Just an FYI.

    You mean “desert” in the 2nd-to-last stanza. It’s pronounced the same as the 2-s kind, but the 2-s kind is always something sweet after a meal. Blame French.

    • I don’t mind approving! All who read will benefit…

      It makes sense; “deserve” has one ‘s’, so “what is deserved” ought to have only one. Thanks much for pointing it out.

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