in memoriam: Aunt Marje

in memoriam Marjorie Demarest Phillips, sister, wife, mother, and aunt+ requiescat in pace +

Marjorie Demarest Phillips, sister, wife, mother, and aunt to those she left behind
+ requiescat in pace +

( Holy Innocents’ Day, A.D. 2012)

Bought by His Blood,
You were steady in faith,
Childlike in trust,
You feared not the grave.
Believing in hope
The love of Our Lord —
A vessel of mercy,
Of kindness outpoured.

And so you remain,
In Paradise blest.
Free from all sin,
In God you now rest —

Righteous and innocent,
Blesséd your days,
Where Our risen Lord
Lives and eternally reigns.
For you are redeemed,
And in joy now await
In Abraham’s bosom,
With all of the saints.

Again we shall see you,
Again we shall know
You in Him,

Holy innocent,
Blesséd + Aunt Marje.


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