St. Irenaeus of Lyons on the fashioning of man

“But He fashioned man with His own Hands, taking the purest, the finest and the most delicate elements of the earth, mixing with the earth, in due measure, His own power; and because He sketched upon the handiwork His own form — in order that what would be seen should be godlike, for man was placed upon the earth fashioned in the image of God — and that he might be alive, ‘He breathed into His face a breath of life’: so that both according to the inspiration and according to the formation, man was like God. Accordingly, he was made free and master of himself, having been made by God in this way. And this great created world, prepared by God before the fashioning of man, was given to the man as his domain, having everything in it. Also in this domain, in their tasks, were the servants of that God who fashioned everything and the steward, who was placed over his fellow servants, kept this domain; the servants were angels, and the steward was an archangel” (St. Irenaeus of Lyon, On the Apostolic Preaching. St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press: 1997) 47.