pseudepodcast – The Augsburg Confession: Preface to the Emperor Charles V

"The Delivery of the Augsburg Confession," The German School (17C.)

“The Delivery of the Augsburg Confession,” The German School (17C.)

One thing that really struck me when I was reading the Preface to the Emperor Charles V was how fervently the confessors expressed their desire that a General Council of the Church be held (05:16, 06:24, 06:51, etc.) — the de rigeur practice in the ancient Church for dealing with theological contention of this degree — in order that they be given a chance to defend their doctrine publicly and concord be reached. But, alas, Christendom was too much under the thrall of the Roman papacy by this time, and such a council was never held.

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Preface to the Emperor Charles V: