pseudepodcast – CA, Article I: Of God


Confessio Augustana Article I: Of God

Perhaps this is noob mistake, but I only recently learned that iTunes will only pick up one audio “enclosure” per post. This means that I can’t post, say, a clever improv introduction, an article from the Confession, and then the corresponding section from the Papal Confutation all in one post. I also don’t want to read the latter two together in one podcast. So, I’ve decided that while I will still be doing readings of the Confutation, I will only post these on the pseudepodcast archive page. This means that they will not show up in your RSS feed.

I’ll let the full weight of that statement sink in for just a bit.

OK. Good. That’s right. If you want to listen to me read the Papal Confutation in my mellifluous voice, you’re really going to have to go the extra mile.

Oh, by the way…does anyone know how to pronounce “Samosatenes”? I put the stress on the penultimate syllable in my reading, but I’ve really been having some regrets about my decision. If I could do it all over again, I’d put the stress on the last syllable. But for some reason, I had to do something like twelve takes of this article. Just could not make the words talk good for some reason. I ain’t redoin’ it again.

Without further ado, here’s today’s episode: