pseudepodcast – CA, Article II: Of Original Sin

I am exhausted.

Computers make no sense. I have gone through the process of re-recording Article II of the Augsburg Confession probably, re-inserting the file into my post, pinging my feed over on the Feedburner site, and then checking iTunes all about two dozen times. Invariably, I have gotten one of two results:

iTunes won’t load the new episode — it simply displays an exclamation point in a circle.


iTunes loads the new episode, but says that it’s 789 hours and 58 minutes long. It won’t play.

I am left to conclude that iTunes/Apple/maybe Feedburner all have it in for the Lutherans. They’re conspiring to keep Article II of the Augsburg Confession out of the iTunes Store! It is indeed a hard doctrine to swallow. But this is ridiculous!

Anyway, I’m going to try again. Here’s hoping: