January Zero: “The Long Radio Silence”

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Unlike January Zero, this is a terrible outfit. It is also not based in Wilmington, NC.

I’m genuinely excited to promote “The Long Radio Silence”, the debut album by Wilmington-based indie-folk outfit January ZeroI have a personal connection with said outfit, so my recommendation is doubtlessly tainted by either nepotism or cronyism (we’re just not sure), but this music is so good that the taint just levels the playing-field.

Do you like a little poetry and philosophy in your melody? Nuances of the intelligible with an ineffable bouquet? Then this music is right up your proverbial alley. I know that I mentioned a playing field in the foregoing paragraph. It’s lawn-bowling, OK? OK.

Listen, buy, listen, promote, listen.




  1. For some reason I didn’t know about this yet. Is it brand new?

  2. Indeed, it is! Well, its availability is, at any rate. The tunes themselves are ancient. In the interest of paving the way for the next project, I have decided to let this flock take flight, and am slowly welcoming friends and family into the know. Not quite ready for Facebook announcement yet. Welcome into the know! Look forward to your thoughts.

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