There has got to be a good explanation for this.

Or, barring that, just an explanation.

We’ll do our best…

Levi is a business-owner, a husband, and a dad (x6); Trent and Matt are starving seminarians in the frozen wastes of Canada, eh. Like you, we’re busy. But we like doing this, and we feel that it’s worthwhile enough that we want to schedule time out of our weeks and/or shirk minor duties in order to produce it. Like you (we hope), we’d like for Pseudepodcast to keep happening.

In an exciting turn of events, we have recently received some invitations to air on radio-stations across the country. We’re quite pleased (and a little nervous) about the possibility of getting broadcast to a wider audience. Not bad for a trio of amateurs, eh?

In preparation for that—and just in general—we’d like to improve the technical quality of our recording. This means Blue Yeti microphones all around, pop-filters, a couple of new webcams, and possibly some recording software. If we exceed our goal, we’d like to kick some of the surplus funds over to the Just & Sinner mother-ship. Think of it as rent that Just & Sinner hasn’t asked us to pay, but that we’d like to pitch in, all the same.On our end, the Kickstarter funds will aid in the production of more and better content, and on the Just & Sinner end they’ll help pay for web-hosting and the ongoing expenses of book-publishing. Sort of a rising tide lifts all boats sort of thing. Well, some boats; the boats in our little internet lagoon, at least…

If this is a project that finds favor in your eyes, we’d be grateful to have your support. Thanks for reading.

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