Take, eat the burning coal,
divine iron, fire,
flesh, and soul,
to cleanse your speech
and make you whole.

Consume this scroll –
vellum Dei,
yodths and teths,
omicron, circumflex,
in your mouth,
in your ears,
nearer now than death.

A fatted calf,
a paschal lamb,
a sickly scapegoat
slain by scribes
with iron pens
and Gentile fire –
aye, and burned.
The hide of
history uprolled.
Divine irony, I am told.





      • Good wow, for sure. If I’m reading this aright, it is about receiving the Eucharist, that is, the flesh of the Lamb of God, who is also the eternal Word made flesh. Well done.

        • Yes, you’re reading it aright. Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed it. My poetic output has fallen as of late, but I’m trying to summon the muses again as of late.

          • Please do continue. I’m trying to get back into writing poetry as well after a long hiatus. I’ve never had much success in writing sacred poetry, but this is the sort of thing I like and aspire to write–many layers and allusions that converge to create a rich composite image, the sort of stuff one can meditate upon for a while. Perhaps your muse can give mine a nudge!

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