Announcing: a pseude-hiatus

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Dear listener of Pseudepodcast,

Well, you may or may not have noticed that we haven’t broadcasted the past three weeks—or was it two? Oh, well. It doesn’t much matter! Trent, Levi, Matt, and the dapper chap in suspenders eyeing the filmstrip need to let you know that Pseudepodcast is going on hiatus for a time. Until further notice, we will not be airing our weekly episodes. We put our heads together, and it hurt. So we took a less concussive approach and simply thought things through. The results of our tripartite ratiocinations were as follows:

  • We’re all pretty busy. Trent and Matt are full-time seminary students; Levi is a business-owner, a husband, and a father of six.
  • Uh, shoot. Was that it? Oh, yeah, there were a few more things…
  • Podcasting gives one (or three, as the case may be) an aura of authority for some reason. And we got none. None of us are experts. This isn’t to say that one needs to be rite vocatus to answer theological questions online, but it is to say that we never really intended to be fielding questions.

The original plan was for Pseudepodcast to be just the three of us shooting the breeze about theology, which we we had been doing via Voxer for months before the show launched. But it ended up being an exercise in attempting to plan spontaneity, like trying to make the same pun twice…

" wasn't as funny the second time. Sorry!"

“Yeah…it wasn’t as funny the second time. Sorry!”

People started asking us questions, and we started answering them. It was becoming a bit of an albatross around our necks. One albatross, three necks—very cumbersome. Point is, we didn’t really want to be teaching, nor even giving the appearance of teaching (nor “creating a reasonable facsimile thereof” <- that’s for Matt). Just musing. But that’s what’s been happening. Preparing for shows is beginning to feel like writing lesson plans. And what the heck? Ain’t nobody got time for that! If we got paid to produce our show, that would justify such a peculiar feeling. But, well…we sure don’t. So in terms of its opportunity cost, Pseudepodcast is getting a bit expensive for all of us.

With that said, if our musing was helpful to you at some point, then we’re very pleased. Thanks be to God! We’re leaving our archive up at Just & Sinner; we hope that our past shows might serve some good purpose—entertainment, if nothing else! We linked to a lot of great content. Please, if you listen to our old shows, make sure to take a look at the featured content. That’s where the best stuff is.


We’re going to try to produce one episode a month. For fun. But we’re not going to tell you when it’s going to air. And it’s going to air here, on Pseudepigrapha. We’ll be switching our feed address, too, so stay tuned for those details.

And that’s all we have to say about that. Thanks for listening, and thanks for understanding.


Under the +Mercy

Trent, Matt, and Levi

we three





  1. Not a problem, I know the feeling. I hosted the ReformedCast for almost 4 years before I became Lutheran. The gear was expensive, and it was very time consuming and can lead to real burnout. So rest…and enjoy it. Not to worry, we’ll all survive (somehow) 🙂

  2. I for one have definitely enjoyed listening to Pseudepodcast, and have missed hearing your discussions, but I’m pleased to hear y’all plan on podcasting again at some point.

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