Chemnitz probably wouldn’t think you’re a Lutheran

He finds our lack of Lutheranism disturbing. Also, he sort of looks black here.

He finds your lack of Lutheranism disturbing. Also, he sort of looks black in this picture. Move over, Athanasius!

Martin Chemnitz’s Enchiridion shouldn’t be print-on-demand, though I am grateful that it is available as such. There should be storerooms full of copies at Concordia Publishing House. Not only that, but it should be the basis for a LCMS congregational Sunday-school curriculum, for a class to be commenced synod-wide on a specified date in the near future. Then we can all “Walk Together” by studying it and seeing how Chemnitz wouldn’t recognize any of us as Lutheran.

Click on the image below to be taken to the purchase page at CPH. I wish it were cheaper. Guess we can hope for a sale. Maybe your church can order a bulk spool of three-hundred Enchiridia that you can just unwind and snip off one by one…


From “Martin Chemnitz is credited with defining the Reformation movement begun by Martin Luther. Chemnitz was a major contributor to the Formula of Concord and is considered to be one of the greatest Lutheran theologians of all time. His Enchiridion (Greek for ‘Handbook’) provides the opportunity to learn firsthand from this systematic and pastoral theologian.”