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With this post Pseudepigrapha welcomes author Jacob Girard to the site.

There is an oft-quoted Benjamin Franklin line in response to a question concerning what sort of nation the founders had created. It goes, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Not to be the bearer of bad news, but we didn’t keep it. But don’t tell that to the masses still under the impression that the people hold the power. Or that elected representatives actually represent them. Or that states still have any sort of recourse against the mighty federal government.

By the way, thanks for that, Honest Abe. Damn the luck that the institution of slavery was part of the occasion for a legitimate grievance against federal overstepping, thus tainting any discussion of states’ rights and providing all the heavy leftist thinkers with an easy out. Racists all. That takes care of that. But was it really worth half a million dead to end an institution that ended peacefully everywhere else? I know, I know. Racist.

And then we have the Seventeenth Amendment. Who exactly thought it was a good idea to democratically elect our senators rather than have them appointed by our state legislatures? This is individualism run amok, but ironically it ended up replacing legitimate lobbies, states, with lobbies that do not have the individual’s interest in mind. And there is a vast difference in having to answer to your state legislature and having to answer to the gullible, easy to manipulate, government educated people who populate your state. It’s not hard to reason why our benevolent Senators advocated for this, but it might be if you were educated in government schools.

Speaking of the machine that perpetuates the insanity, what better way to keep the people down than to catechize the hoi polloi into believing that basic literacy is equal to education or that surviving twelve years of pupil farming qualifies one to sort through complicated policy issues and come to an informed opinion? We are a people who truly deserve a democracy.

While diligence in doing our utmost to make this country a better place for our children is laudable, let us not delude ourselves into thinking that attaching our activity and support to our favorite oligarch is moral. In fact, it may make us complicit in this farce. Americans would be better off abandoning en masse the Godless, hedonistic cesspools affectionately called public schools and attempting to raise the next generation to be virtuous, giving them a classical education like that which informed the founders of this former Republic. Maybe then we would have citizens worthy of a Republic. Until then, may this democracy of the morally and spiritually dead continue to bear its fruit. The Trump is ripe for the picking.

J. Girard

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  1. That’s what we’re doing at our house. Classical conversations, lots of literature, argument, debate. Hopeful for the next generation!

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