Correcting an erratum Re: the Kolb-Wengert BoC

In my last post I expressed surprise at the fact that the Kolb-Wengert edition of the Book of Concord omits paragraphs 344-355 of the quarto edition of the Apology of the Augsburg Confession. Well, more than surprise– I expressed irritation, and I insinuated that Timothy Wengert, the ELCA theologian who collaborated with Robert Kolb (LCMS) on the translation and editing of the Book of Concord, was likely responsible for the omission, and that he had likely made it for ideological reasons. This was wrong of me. As a few people have now pointed out, this was not Wengert’s decision, but that of none other than Philipp Melanchthon himself, for it was Melanchthon who shortened the quarto edition of the Apology into the octavo, which was the version signed by members of the Wittenberg theological faculty at Schmalkald in 1537. This is simply a matter of historical record. An explanation of the editorial rationale for this, agree with it or no, can be found on pages 107-109 of the Kolb-Wengert edition of the Book of Concord. This particular omission of the text of the editio princeps was not ideologically driven, and it was wrong of me to suggest that it was. I could have very easily searched for an answer between the covers of the KW itself, and I did not bother to do so, because I am lazy.

I beg the pardon of any who were (rightly) offended by the shoddiness of my research in this matter. There was no excuse for it.

I remain concerned by Timothy Wengert’s stance on the “Bound Conscience”. I would urge those not familiar with Wengert’s role in lobbying for the blessing of homosexuality by the ELCA at their 2009 synodical convention to read the following piece:

Common Sense for a Senseless World: What Exactly is “Bound Conscience”?




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