Introducing Pseudepigraphus


Mr. Pseudepigraphus, shambling on down to the Schloßkirche

Hello, and welcome to Pseudepigraphus, which is the same site as Pseudepigrapha except that now it makes you think of Mr. Snuffleupagus.

I got tired of having my name as the web-address for my site. Because I am wonderfully and unfailingly humble. My preference would have been to change the domain-name to http://pseudepigra.pha, but as you’ll notice if you click it, that’s not a valid URL. So I set about trying to think up one of those clever URLs that incorporates the domain so as to make a phrase or a word. And that’s when it hit me— all of this time, my website has been living its life in the wrong Latin gender (even though the title came from, you know…Greek). Sure, pseudepigrapha is actually a word, and pseudepigraphus isn’t (as the squiggly judgmental red line of the WordPress editor is even now declaring), but at least now my site is free to be its true, authentically second-declension masculine self. Besides, there’s a long tradition of Romans stealing things from Greeks. With meek heart and due reverence, I, a for-the-most-part northern-European mutt, aim to do the same for some reason.

Man, post hoc confabulatory explanations came so much more naturally when I was six.

Anyway, I changed my web address. Pseudepigraphus. Voila. It sounds silly. I really don’t care; at least it’s not my name.

Changing the domain messed a few things up, so if you were afflicted with new posts via email, you’ll have to sign up for that again (see subscription box, toppish-right). Also, the stats got messed up, so my most popular posts are no longer circulating in the “recently-clicked” box. So here they are in no particular order:

(starting to notice a trend?)

That’s usually what people read when they read this blog. Not my poems. Usually stuff by Pr. Curtis, and sometimes things I’ve written, but more often something great that someone else said that I quoted.

Alright. That’s all for tonight, folks. Stay pseudepigraphus or something. I don’t know, either.