ConcordCast Week 31: Smalcald Articles, Part I – Part III, Article II

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Text: The Smalcald Articles, Part I – Part III, Article II

  • Part I: The Sublime Articles Concerning the Divine Majesty

  • Part II: The Articles which Refer to the Office and Work of Jesus Christ, or Our Redemption

    • Article I: The First and Chief Article (Of Justification)

    • Article II: Of the Mass; Of the Invocation of Saints

    • Article III: Of Chapters and Cloisters

    • Article IV: Of the Papacy

  • Part III

    • Article I: Of Sin

    • Article II: Of the Law

Thanks to Mark Brown, Trent Demarest, Aidan Clevinger, Nils Niemeier, and Will Cloninger for reading this week.




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