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why it matters

Apropros of this and this:

“Pastor Smith”: Very sad and very sobering. In its own way, it again shows that when we reduce the Law from “what God wants” to “whatever condemns,” we inevitably get rid of not only the 3rd use but also the 1st, so that sin no longer has consequences; the sad (and heretical) thing is that this reduction leads to Jesus merely sparing me a little guilt instead of saving (i.e., healing/making whole) us from sin, death, and the devil, and for a life of love. Law and Gospel *is* the hardest thing to distinguish, and so I am very thankful for your, Just and Sinner’s, and others’ work in helping sort out “Radical”/Existential Lutheranism.


Commenter: Pastor Smith, I want to personally and publicly thank you. I have been trying to wrap my head around this since everything came to light yesterday and this post really helped me understand the root of the problem. I’ve been a Lutheran layman for 3 years (former RC) and while I like to think I have a pretty good grasp of theology in general there is still so much I am learning about our (unique) Lutheran distinctives. Truth be told, I have been a huge fan of Christ Hold Fast for some time and I attended the conference in February. I had a wonderful time, honestly. Instruction on grace, in general, is an oasis for a former Catholic but I am now thinking that this “soft-antinomian” bend is harmful. Not that the actions of one pastor should define a theological perspective but when I look at it objectively your comment regarding the reduction of the Law “from ‘what God wants’ to ‘whatever condemns'” ultimately removing consequences of sin really strikes me to the core. I don’t want to sound like a babe in the woods here, but I feel a little thrown by all this. Perhaps my own discernment is still not up to par. The good thing is that the discussions regarding this unfortunate situation have driven me back to the basics, and the place that discernment should really be fed and sharpened in the first place: The Holy Scriptures and our Confessions. Thanks again.

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