Correcting an Erratum: Robert, not Jack



The letter I recently featured from Hermann Sasse was actually written to Robert Preus, not to his brother J. A. O. Preus. My source mistakenly identified the recipient as the latter, and I was so focused on fixing scan-errors that I didn’t read as closely as I should have. If I had, I (hopefully) would have noticed the context clues, i.e., Sasse’s reference to Robert Preus taking over the presidency at Sasse’s American alma mater (the Springfield seminary), and the reference to “your book” The Theology of Post-Reformation Lutheranism.


Many thanks to Pastor David Jay Webber for pointing this out. Mea maxima culpa!


With all of that having been said, readers should find these comments from Robert Preus all the more interesting: “Robert Preus on Hermann Sasse – The Last Thing Preus Wrote” | Mercy Journeys with Pastor Harrison