Let the reader understand…

…that the curious disappearance of any once-popular post on this blog should not necessarily be interpreted as the author’s recantation or withdrawal of the content of said post either in whole or in part.

Rather, let the reader understand that, having perhaps received a lawsuit-threat some months ago from the most bloviating ass ever to hang a shingle out in the “discernment ministry” arcade, and, his curiosity piqued, having perhaps sought out and communicated extensively with other recipients of similar lawsuit-threats from said bloviating ass— all such threats hypothetically having been defended with the claim that, since their recipients did not “Repent!” when the bloviating ass perhaps ordered them (via tweet, message, phone-call, email, etc.) to “Repent!”, they were therefore not Christians and 1 Corinthians 6(:1-11) did not apply…

Let the reader understand that, if all of the foregoing had in fact happened, after having investigated the credibility of the lawsuit-threat a bit more and taking counsel with knowledgeable and trusted persons, the author might have deemed it to be not a credible threat, but rather a moronic and laughable— and at the same time delusional and despicable— signal.

Yet even so— bear with me while I continue to draw out and think in the terms of an extended hypothesis— the author might wish not to take chances, however small, with the safety and wellbeing of his wife and young children through a cavalier underestimation of the depravity of a desperate and unstable egomaniac with an impeccability complex. He therefore might have decided to displace the epicenter of information from his website, since it would theoretically be less complicated that way. One wouldn’t need to be an Occamist to make occasional prudential use of the razor, would one?

Let the reader understand that archive.org exists.