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Forensic Atonement and “Partaking of the Divine Nature”

by Quiet George Dear Robert, It is most important that I begin by saying that I am but a first ...
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Justification — Forensic and Real: How the East gets it wrong (and we Lutherans don’t get it…)

Formerly titled The Errors of the Christian East: Justification Dear Robert, I did my best to read through the comment section, ...
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sic volo, sic iubeo: On Papal Infallibility

By Quiet George It has been my contention on this blog that there is but one subject that need be ...
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A Lutheran view of mystical ecclesiology

Admin NB: I am not the author of this piece. It was written by my friend George, whose abilities as ...
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Nota Bene: with this post Pseudepigrapha welcomes Quiet George as a member and contributor to the site. That's right -- ...
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