Dear Robert: Hebrews, dead works, the “confessional” label

Dear Robert, You might find this selection from Kretzmann’s Popular Commentary helpful: An Exhortation to Progress and Steadfastness in the Faith. Heb. 6, 1-20.   Christians should make progress in knowledge: V.1. Therefore, leaving the principles of the doctrine of… Continue Reading

Forensic Atonement and “Partaking of the Divine Nature”

by Quiet George Dear Robert, It is most important that I begin by saying that I am but a first year seminarian and am by no means an authority or a great theologian. However, I am able to express the… Continue Reading

Justification — Forensic and Real: How the East gets it wrong (and we Lutherans don’t get it…)

Formerly titled The Errors of the Christian East: Justification Dear Robert, I did my best to read through the comment section, though, to be honest, it came across as often unfocused, so I had a hard time finding for myself what… Continue Reading

“Come to me all you who are weak and heavy laden, or else it’s a mortal sin.”

Dear Robert, I’m really glad that you reminded me about your question. I have been intending to respond for awhile, but, alas, have not been diligent in getting around to my personal email — a frustrating phenomenon, to be sure.… Continue Reading

A dialogue on Apostolic Succession

Please feel free to weigh in in the comments. The following dialogue transpired over email, but is by no means exhaustive — or closed, for that matter. +TDD :: Dear Robert, Fr. Charles, I hope this note finds you well.… Continue Reading

My best guess as to why I’m not an Eastern Orthodox Christian

Original image location here. Dear Robert, So. The Eastern Orthodox Church. You asked what eventually turned me from it. Short answer: I’m not sure what turned me from it. Long answer: During the winter of my senior year at Hillsdale… Continue Reading

Liberty, Martyrdom, and the HHS Mandate

Dear Robert, Sorry for taking advantage of a “Reply-all” to people I don’t necessarily know, but here goes… Instead of a “stand up for religious liberty” day, how about a “stand up for Christian conviction even in the face of… Continue Reading

Gay marriage, the theological dimension of civil law, and the legitimacy of government

From a recent discussion with a friend on the topics of gay “marriage”, the theological dimension of civil law, and the legitimacy of government. +    +    + Dear Robert, Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. Yes, I… Continue Reading

Fear God. Honor the King.

I find that I write better in correspondence than I do when I simply try to generate thoughts. That having been said, I’m posting a few bits and pieces from an email exchange I’ve recently been having with my friend… Continue Reading