“When will the Gospel Drop?” A brief reflection on Lutheran preaching clichés.

Whether one skims their endings or peruses his sermons in their entirety, one is hard pressed to read the sermons of Martin Luther and not feel that he approached the homiletical task rather differently than many of today’s Predigern in the church… Continue Reading

Brace yourselves: Sneak-peek of the English translation of The Apology of the Book of Concord, coming Summer 2015

…though perhaps you know it better as Apologia, Oder Verantwortung deß Christlichen Concordien-Buchs, In welcher die wahre Christliche Lehre, so im Concordi-Buch verfasset, mit gutem Grunde heiliger Göttlicher Schrift verteidigt: Die Verkehrung aber und Calumnien, so von unruhigen Leuten wider… Continue Reading

No Confessional Tradition, No Church: An Open Letter to R. J. Grunewald

Prolegomena/Caveats/User’s Manual: What follows began as a comment on the blog of a fellow LCMS Lutheran. It got a little long. And then it got longer. The more I wrote, the more I began to think of different things which… Continue Reading

What exactly is the problem with Gerhard O. Forde and the “Radical Lutherans”?

Reposted from the Facebook. Starting in medias res… Since it was wisely stated by a friend that “every little skirmish isn’t as important as a few well-crafted contributions,” I have abandoned the skirmishes of the land of Comboxen for a time… Continue Reading