The Lutheran Scholastics on the Differences between Infant and Adult Baptism

The following selection of quotations is for those who, like me, have at some time found themselves pondering the differences between infant and adult baptism. Obviously, under discussion and consideration here are not two different kinds of baptism— we confess one… Continue Reading

Holy Saturday Contemplations from Blessed Johann Gerhard

The Death and Burial of Jacob a type of the Death and Burial of Christ   In Gen. 50 it is reported of the patriarch Jacob that, after he had placed his feet together on his deathbed and died, his… Continue Reading

Some thoughts on existentialism and reason in theology + Meditation XXXVIII by Gerhard

Nota Bene: What follows is sort of a diatribe. If you clicked on this link because you want to read some Gerhard, scroll down; I won’t be offended. Heck, I won’t even know! I have a soft spot in my… Continue Reading

Lutheran v. Reformed scholasticism on the inspiration of Scripture

From The Doctrine of Man in Classical Lutheran Theology, eds. Herman A. Preus & Edmund Smits: Some divergence of interpretations concerning Scriptural inspiration may be observed between the Orthodox theologians of the Lutheran and those of the Reformed Confessions. Although… Continue Reading

Johann Gerhard on SS. Peter, James, and John in the Passion narrative

Nota Bene: I have included artwork which depicts the Transfiguration only in order to show Christ and the three apostles in question. The following excerpt from Johann Gerhard treats of Christ and these apostles in the Garden of Gethsemane. —… Continue Reading