“Is thine eye evil, because I am good?”

Plato writes in Epinomis that among all the liberal arts and contemplative sciences, the science of number is supreme and most divine. And in another place, asking why man is the wisest of animals, he replies, because he knows how… Continue Reading

Late-night curmudgeonly rant: “Urban Ministry” and the Doctrine of Vocation | charm city vicars

There is no such thing as “urban ministry. There is only the Holy Ministry— that is, the ministry of the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church.   What is the Ministry? It is the greatly-commissioned work of Our Lord’s sent and ordained… Continue Reading

Luther’s Small & Large Catechisms: Very much overlapping magisteria

I won’t lie, this graphic is just clickbait. A few thoughts were meandering round my mind as the second term of seminary wound down. I penned the following coalescent ratiocinations for your perusal the week of Jubilate, the last week of my first… Continue Reading

Thoughts on Schooling: Junior “Culture Warriors” or Vulnerable Lambs?

Originally published August 2010; edited (only slightly) May 2014… A recent conversation with a friend got the wheels turning in my head on the subject of education again, which isn’t necessarily good for anyone — that is, the turning of the… Continue Reading