Repost from Charm City Vicars: “In what sense am I a ‘witness for Christ’?”

Originally composed June 26, 2015, for Charm City Vicars. I’m not crazy about the phrase “witnesses for Christ,” as I think it’s often unclear what is meant by it. In the same curmudgeonly fashion, I am irked by prayer petitions/bids… Continue Reading

Liberty, Martyrdom, and the HHS Mandate

Dear Robert, Sorry for taking advantage of a “Reply-all” to people I don’t necessarily know, but here goes… Instead of a “stand up for religious liberty” day, how about a “stand up for Christian conviction even in the face of… Continue Reading

Thoughts on the HHS mandate, religious liberty, etc.

I’m having a hard time putting my finger on just what about this panel-hearing made me so uneasy, besides the fact that it was three-and-a-quarter hours long (yes, I watched the whole thing). Here we had five men of the… Continue Reading