Divorce – An Issues, Etc. Transcript

This “Pastors’ Roundtable” interview on the topic of divorce, featuring the Rev’ds Randy Asburry, Heath Curtis, and Jonathan Fisk (pictured left to right, below), aired as a segment of the August 20, 2008 episode of Issues, Etc. A few notes,… Continue Reading

There is No Such Thing as Lay Baptism

By the Rev’d Heath R. Curtis Pastor of Trinity and Zion Lutheran Churches, Worden & Carpenter, IL     (All emphases in the following essay by Pastor Curtis are original. I have fixed what few typos were to be found… Continue Reading

Should Christian Couples Use Contraception? What the Bible, the Church’s Witness, and Natural Law Have to Say about Birth Control

“Unfortunately, it seems like most Christians either fall into the trap of either ignoring what the Scriptures say about the family and the blessing of children or go to the opposite extreme and try to infer all kinds of strange… Continue Reading

Introducing Pseudepigraphus

Hello, and welcome to Pseudepigraphus, which is the same site as Pseudepigrapha except that now it makes you think of Mr. Snuffleupagus. I got tired of having my name as the web-address for my site. Because I am wonderfully and unfailingly humble.… Continue Reading

Ordination an “adiaphorous practice”? I think not…

I am convinced and compelled by the teaching of my fathers in the faith to regard the topic of ordination as one of Dr. Franz Pieper’s weak points. In Vol. 3 of his Dogmatik he goes a bridge too far… Continue Reading

“Why The Apostolic Succession Debate Matters,” by the Rev. Heath R. Curtis

“Why The Apostolic Succession Debate Matters” BY The Rev. Heath R. Curtis Trinity Lutheran Church – Worden, IL Zion Lutheran Church – Carpenter, IL »Help keep Pseudepigraphus online« Introduction Like many men of my calling I am a collector of… Continue Reading

Don’t know much about Church Councils?

http://www.tdaviddemarest.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/Introduction.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSSSo. Church Councils. Would you like to learn a bit about them? Here’s a great opportunity. This guy will help: Pastor Curtis allowed me to reproduce some of his… Continue Reading

The Liturgy as Beacon for God’s Elect: what it means for evangelism and missions

The following is a guest piece by the Rev’d Heath R. Curtis. Pastor Curtis has graciously allowed me to publish his writings here on Pseudepigraphus. His motto on the matter is, “If it’s useful to the Church, share it!” Thank you,… Continue Reading