Lutheran Liturgical Signaling: The Athanasian Creed

I intend no snark The Old Man intends snark, but the New Man just wants to share some interesting information about LCMS liturgical customs on Trinity Sunday. You may have thought that you were being an über-traditionalist because your church substituted… Continue Reading

Pastor David Petersen on the Spirit of Ahaz in the Church-Growth Movement

From an Issues, Etc. interview with Pastor Petersen, “Looking Forward to Feasts and Festivals: The Annunciation (1 Year Lectionary) – Pr. David Petersen, 3/31/16”; commenting on the Old Testament pericope, Isaiah 7:10-14: “The spirit of Ahaz is sort of what… Continue Reading

Fr. David Petersen on unity and disunity in the LCMS

Another repost from Gottesdienst, with the gracious permission of the author. The original piece from March 31, 2011 can be found here. Although written with the exigencies of a certain hour in mind, Fr. Petersen’s words ring perennially true, I… Continue Reading

Lent & Voluntary Mortifications: Two Views

Originally titled “Ash Wednesday: Two Views.” Related reading: “Subtle Ash Wednesday legalism”     As another Lent gets underway, I’d like to have a look at two different Lutheran perspectives on the significance of Ash Wednesday and Lent in general.… Continue Reading