TRANSCRIPT: Dr. Kurt E. Marquart on Eastern Orthodoxy Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS The following is a complete transcript of an Issues, Etc. interview of the sainted Dr. Kurt E. Marquart1 (d. September 19, 2006) on the topic of Eastern… Continue Reading

“Afterwards we add also the doctrine of the Law…”— The Lutheran Confessions said what?

In a previous post I highlighted what some departed Evangelical theologians— Drs. Luther, Walther, and Marquart— have had to say regarding the homiletical use of God’s Law. The featured content seemed, at least to me, to be not only confessional (i.e., in line… Continue Reading

“When will the Gospel Drop?” A brief reflection on Lutheran preaching clichés.

Whether one skims their endings or peruses his sermons in their entirety, one is hard pressed to read the sermons of Martin Luther and not feel that he approached the homiletical task rather differently than many of today’s Predigern in the church… Continue Reading

The popular, but flawed, interpretation of Luther’s “simul” doctrine

(NB: I’ve been working on a more formal article on Martin Luther’s use of the phrase “simul iustus et peccator” for a few months now, so this topic has been on my mind a lot. Please bear with me; what… Continue Reading

The Rev’d Dr. Kurt Marquart on “Liturgical gestures, practices, customs, and ‘styles’…”

Words of wisdom from Dr. Marquart for all of us Lutherans, especially for those who advocate so-called “contemporary worship” in the LCMS. Frankly, though, they are probably even more piquant for those self-styled “liturgical types” who don’t follow the General Rubrics… Continue Reading

TRANSCRIPT: “The Third Use of the Law as Confessed in the Formula of Concord,” by the Rev’d Dr. Kurt E. Marquart Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS Thank you very much, Dr. Rast, for this extremely kind introduction. Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. And on with the topic: “The Third Use of the Law… Continue Reading

Rev’d Dr. Marquart on inerrancy: “Luther In Fact And Fiction”

From Anatomy of an Explosion (Ft. Wayne: Concordia Theological Seminary Press, 1977), Dr. Marquart’s brilliant accounting of the historical milieu of Lutheranism in its relation to the “1974 Walkout” (“Seminex”). Having now read his work thoroughly and pored over most of its… Continue Reading