Lutheran Liturgical Signaling: The Athanasian Creed

I intend no snark The Old Man intends snark, but the New Man just wants to share some interesting information about LCMS liturgical customs on Trinity Sunday. You may have thought that you were being an über-traditionalist because your church substituted… Continue Reading

Ordination an “adiaphorous practice”? I think not…

I am convinced and compelled by the teaching of my fathers in the faith to regard the topic of ordination as one of Dr. Franz Pieper’s weak points. In Vol. 3 of his Dogmatik he goes a bridge too far… Continue Reading

What hath the Ascension to do with the Eucharist? Much in every way…

From “Christ Today: His Presence in the Sacraments,” by A. C. Piepkorn: Various ages and various traditions have translated the biblical descriptions of the ascension and session of our Lord in different ways theologically. Whenever Lutheran theology was most true… Continue Reading

“The Tyranny of the Middle” vs. “The Idolatry of Better”: a reader’s response to Mrs. Mussmann

I love the article, Anna, as well as the emendation to charity that graces the combox (just noticed the latter). It’s easy to agree with the beneficence of the principle you articulate, i.e., that one should avoid the judgmental air… Continue Reading