Pseudepodcast 2.0.4 – Lutheran fundamentals: Family, Church, & State Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS A little late to this fortnight’s game, but no more disheveled on account of their tardiness, Trent and Chris discuss the deep structure of Lutheran thought: the… Continue Reading

Risks of Living in the Gomorrah-Camelot Greater Metro-area

Two scans, some photo stitching, and about an hour of airbrushing later, it’s done. The above image is the 10.5″ x 14″ cover of one of my precious rare finds: a December 26, 1955 special issue of LIFE magazine on… Continue Reading

Monarchy, Confederacy, and the Failed American Experiment

I don’t frequent discussions of politics these days, although I used to be (or at least imagined myself to be) quite the politico when I was in high school and college. Still, people who didn’t know me then but know… Continue Reading

Pastors, Stop Performing Weddings…maybe

My good friend Rev’d Jordan Cooper wrote a short piece over on his blog entitled, “Pastors, Don’t Stop Performing Weddings.” What follows here are my own thoughts on the matter. I felt it was important for me to write my… Continue Reading

“To bake or not to bake?” A reflection on Christian liberty and the prerogatives of conscience

Constitutionally speaking, there is no question that a business-owner has a right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. In the absence of considerable moral hazard (the exception), this is just a no-brainer. I’d probably take this to ridiculous… Continue Reading

Liberty, Martyrdom, and the HHS Mandate

Dear Robert, Sorry for taking advantage of a “Reply-all” to people I don’t necessarily know, but here goes… Instead of a “stand up for religious liberty” day, how about a “stand up for Christian conviction even in the face of… Continue Reading

Thoughts on the HHS mandate, religious liberty, etc.

I’m having a hard time putting my finger on just what about this panel-hearing made me so uneasy, besides the fact that it was three-and-a-quarter hours long (yes, I watched the whole thing). Here we had five men of the… Continue Reading